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Used filter press and feeding pumps

In our dock you can always find some interesting proposal at the right price and mainly:

  • Filter presses
  • Pistons and membranes feeding-pumps from 1 m3/h up to 60 m3/h. (Abel,emmerich,Diemme).
  • Belt conveyors Conveyor belts
  • Polypropylene and aluminium plates
  • Wide range of spare parts for many manufacturers of filter presses.
  • Torks, transferring pumps,screw presses and dejuicers for the oenological field.
All the machines are sand-blasting, welded, painted and selled according to CE regulations and with warranty.
N.01 filter-press TECOFIL 1000x1000

Installed in a tannery

N.01 filter-press Diefenbach 1500x1500 150 plates

Installed in waste water treatment plant.

N.02 filter-presses TECOFIL 1000x1000

Installed in a ceramic industry

N.02 filter-press DM ME 1200x1200

Installed in a chemical plant

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 1000x1000

Installed in depuration plant

N.02 double piston feeding-pump DM2D

Suitable for feeding filter-presses 800x800 , 1000x1000 and 1200x1200.

N.01 filterpress DM AUTOMAT 800x800 4.400

Installed in a food processing plant with membrane plates

N.01 filter-press DM KE 500x500 40 plates

Installed in a plating Company

N.01 sludge feeding-pump Catterin TF4 model ,

Installed in a coil facility

N.02 double membranes feeding-pumps DMPM30

Piston-membrane pumps with 30m3/h of delivery

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 800x800 with 70 plates installed.

Installed in a waste water plant. Automatic plate shifting

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 800x800

Installed in a power plant

N.05 piston feeding-pump DM1D model.

Suitable for feeding filter-presses 630x630 and 800x800.

N.02 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 1500x2000.

Installed in a big waste treatment plant.

N.01 filter-press NETZSCH 1500x1500

Installed in a big waste treatment plant.

N.21 membrane filtering plates JVK

plates in a excellent shape