verlicchi Srl: impianti industriali di depurazione


Used filter press and feeding pumps owned by Verlicchi SRL and stored in warehouses.

In our dock you can always find some interesting proposal at the right price and mainly:

  • Filter presses
  • Pistons and membranes feeding-pumps from 1 m3/h up to 60 m3/h. (Abel,emmerich,Diemme).
  • Belt conveyors Conveyor belts
  • Polypropylene and aluminium plates
  • Wide range of spare parts for many manufacturers of filter presses.
  • Torks, transferring pumps,screw presses and dejuicers for the oenological field.

All the machines are sand-blasting, welded, painted and selled according to CE regulations and with warranty.


Swan neck type conveyor belt all made of stainless steel

N.01 filtro-prensa DM AUTOMAT 800x800

Installed in a tannery

N.02 DIEFENBACH filter-press 1000x1000

Installed in a chemical plant

N.25 aluminum plates 800x800 with low feeding and 4 manifolds at the corners

Insertable on DM AUTOMAT or DM KE 800 filter-press

N.01 filter-press DM ME 1500x1500

Installed in a cave

N.65 polypropylene filtering plates Diefenbach 1500x1500

Installed on a Diefenbach 1500x1500 filter-press

N.21 filtering plates 800x800 Galigani

polypropylene filtering plates

N.01 filter-press DM KE 800x800 30 plates

Installed in a ceramic company

N.01 filter-press DM 630x630

Installed in a anodizinc plant

N.04 double piston feeding-pump DM2D

Suitable for feeding filter-presses 800x800 , 1000x1000 and 1200x1200.

N.04 double membranes feeding-pumps DMPM30

Piston-membrane pumps with 30m3/h of delivery

N.02 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 800x800 with 70 plates installed.

Installed in a waste water plant. Automatic plate shifting

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 800x800

Installed in a power plant

N.05 piston feeding-pump DM2D model.

Suitable for feeding filter-presses 800x800 and 1000x1000.

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 1500x2000.

Installed in a big waste treatment plant.

N.01 filter-press DM AUTOMAT 1500x1500

Installed in a big waste treatment plant.

N.21 membrane filtering plates JVK

plates in a excellent shape