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Industrial filter press

The industrial filter presses offered by Verlicchi Srl are the answer most technologically advanced in the field of filter press plate.

Thanks to innovative solutions, constructive materials used and the different devices and optional groups, filter presses and feed pumps have the highest level of automation, flexibility and functionality available on the market.

The filter press is widely regarded as the most efficient system in the solid-liquid separation due to the simplicity of construction and ease of use and management.
The machine is composed of a filter pack of plates in polypropylene kept under pressure by two heads of which one of these is mobile and driven by a hydraulic power unit.

The plates mountain filter cloths appropriate to allow the passage of liquids and retain the solid particles, are concave and have a room that must be filled from the sludge, so when all the above-mentioned chambers have been filled will open the filter pack and will download the oilcake dehydrated

The sludge is placed in the rooms of the plates through the supply pumps of different types according to the needs of the customer.

The filter press is a "clean" technology and modern that provides several advantages:

the filtrate dried requires transportation and disposal costs that are less than liquid and can be ricliclato agrlicolo and construction sectors
companies that adopt filter press systems have the ability to recover the water used during the production process
Recently, our efforts have been directed to provide and construct plants filter-furniture truck or skid, mostly available to hire either with the operator / s that without operator / s.

The current market requires more and more increasingly in services so that needs are quickly resolved and it is for this reason that Verlicchi SRL has a fleet of 10 filter presses for dewatering and mobile services generally ranging in size dall'800x800 up to 1500x2000.

Filter press VR VM 500X500

Filter press VRVM 500X500, manual version, motorized version(VA)

Filter press VRVM 630X630

Filter press VR VM 630X630, manual version, motorized version

Filter press VR VA 800x800

Filter press VR VA 800x800, manual and automatic version with opening and automatic closing,and plates moving with shifting device

Filter press VR VA 1000x1000

Filter press VR VA 1000x1000, manual version, automatic version with opening and automatic closing, and plates moving with shifting device

Filter press VR VA 1200x1200

Filter press VR VA 1200x1200, manual and automatic version with opening and automatic closing,and plates moving with shifting device

Filter-press VR VA 1500x1500

Filter-press fully automatic

Filter-press VR VI 1500x1500

Suitable for the treatment of inert wastewater, marble and stone in general

Moble filtration plant/800

Installed on the truck and squared to Customer's facilities.

Mobile unit filtration plant/1000

Installed on a truck and squared to Customer's facilities.