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Filtration and dewatering in industrial ceramic

In the ceramic sector are provided for both phases of dehydration in the production process that in the treatment of sludge from the purification of water coming from the production process itself.

The filtration technologies Verlicchi Ltd. are widespread in the ceramic industry in the following applications:

1.   Applications in the process: they concern the refining step of the clay for the preparation of the dough should be fashioned.
2.   Applications in sewage treatment is aimed to facilitate disposal (which is often performed by putting the panels dehydrated with the raw material to be processed).
The water that need to be purified are essentially those of flushing air and cooling of the polishing lines.

Some examples of industrial processes in the ceramic industry in which they are employed technologies dehydration Verlicchi:

production of tiles for indoor and outdoor furniture (pottery and porcelain)
pottery and tableware
production of clays intended for artistic use
production of glazes and ceramic colors
production of roof tiles